Alien Files 5

We have established the alien / ufo phenomenon was something which seeped into modern Western human consciousness and culture back in 1947 as part of a psycological / propaganda operation perpetrated by the USA. To this day this psycological operation (we’ll use psyop from now on) can go down as one of the most successful […]

Alien Files 4

Going by language alone we can establish the term “alien” (our conscious, perception of the term) is merely a term of fiction. Now, we can move on to what is perhaps the largest “ufo” mystery of all time (I use the term mystery…very loosely) from a Western perspective. I say Western because I am informed […]

Alien Files 3

In the last post I made I posited what I consider the term “alien” to mean. The word alien is merely a term which is attached to one of our human emotions which is “fear”. This is important as it forms the basis of my arguments moving forward. What does the word “alien” actually mean […]

Alien Files 2

Up until the pandemic of 2020 if someone had asked me if I believed in the phenomenon of aliens and ufo’s I would have said yes. At this moment in time my position has not changed but my outlook is different. If we are led by the scientists, physicists, cosmologists and any other “ist” you […]

Alien Files 1

Lets talk aliens and UFO’s and try to get to the bottom of what is undoubtably a curious, cultural phenomenon. For anyone who takes an interest in this phenomenon, on the surface, if you consume enough information on this topic it becomes clear something is afoot. That “something” is slippery however, very quickly especially in […]