Alien Files 9

ufo Disclosure Document

Well, June 1st 2021 came and went, a date in ufology that was meant to herald a meeting of minds between government and the people.  Needless to say (like in the case with most subjects in the ufology world) there was no meeting of minds, no report came, no announcements…..nothing.  I hear the report has […]

Alien Files 7

It’s a bird, it’s a plane….no it’s a flying saucer from another galaxy… Such is the power of propaganda and how it seeps into the subconscious mind.  Through the mass media, Hollywood and now through the power of social platforms the UFO and Alien fable is reaching more and more people.  Apparently sightings of UFO’s […]

Alien Files 6

Scientia potentia est – To translate from the latin, “knowledge is power”.  I have previously declared my position on the whole UFO and Alien story and that it is an elaborate realm of fiction.  It is easier for people to believe in fantastical things, I posit that deep down it provides some people with a deep […]