Crypto Currency….The future of the world?

For the most part, people who pay attention to the internet and the news will have heard of bitcoin and possibly ethereum which I would describe as the gold (bitcoin) and silver (ethereum) of digital /or crypto currencies.  Many moons ago I looked at the possibility of mining bitcoins as a way of earning money as a side hustle.  This was long before the boom in the price of bitcoin when things were a lot more complicated than they are today.  Ultimately, I was put off by the cost of the electricity which it takes to mine a bitcoin and did not venture into the mining side of bitcoin.  I also did not fully understand what bitcoin was, thinking it was a worthless endevour to pursue something which seemed very fringe and ultimately not worth my time or effort.  With bitcoin hitting over $50,000 dollars per coin, how wrong can you get.  Since then the crypto world has exploded and now we are entering into a global awakening of what crypto is and how the blockchain and web 3.0 will shape our future lives.  At this juncture, we are shifting into a different epoch with all the evidence pointing to a world where the blockchain and web 3.0 will influence our lives more than we can imagine today.  For me the indicators are similar to when bitcoin was first becoming a “thing”.  I for one will be making moves to position myself for the new world which is approaching.  This is a long position….from 2021 to 2027.  Follow me on the journey, its gonna be a hell of a ride.  If you need more information I highly recommend you watch this highly informative documentary on Amazon Prime.  This documentary will open up your eyes to a future world which is fast approaching….Watch Cryptopia Here


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