Alien Files 9

ufo Disclosure Document

Well, June 1st 2021 came and went, a date in ufology that was meant to herald a meeting of minds between government and the people.  Needless to say (like in the case with most subjects in the ufology world) there was no meeting of minds, no report came, no announcements…..nothing.  I hear the report has […]

Alien Files 8

“If honesty were suddenly introduced into American life, the whole system would collapse” – George Carlin We are all living through an exciting time of technological innovation with some amazing findings, especially where physics is concerned.  The race for technological dominance has been ongoing since the advent of the atom bomb.  I’ve already argued in […]

Alien Files 7

It’s a bird, it’s a plane….no it’s a flying saucer from another galaxy… Such is the power of propaganda and how it seeps into the subconscious mind.  Through the mass media, Hollywood and now through the power of social platforms the UFO and Alien fable is reaching more and more people.  Apparently sightings of UFO’s […]

Alien Files 6

Scientia potentia est – To translate from the latin, “knowledge is power”.  I have previously declared my position on the whole UFO and Alien story and that it is an elaborate realm of fiction.  It is easier for people to believe in fantastical things, I posit that deep down it provides some people with a deep […]

The Starbase and Warp Drive Technology….

What a headline!!!! Seems like I am writing a post in 2221 as opposed to 2021.  Yes, a working model has been developed which allows some kind of vessle to be propelled at faster than light speeds.  Think about that for a moment.  Let it sink in.  This drive will allow a vessle to traverse […]

Crypto Currency….The future of the world?

For the most part, people who pay attention to the internet and the news will have heard of bitcoin and possibly ethereum which I would describe as the gold (bitcoin) and silver (ethereum) of digital /or crypto currencies.  Many moons ago I looked at the possibility of mining bitcoins as a way of earning money […]

Alien Files 5

We have established the alien / ufo phenomenon was something which seeped into modern Western human consciousness and culture back in 1947 as part of a psycological / propaganda operation perpetrated by the USA. To this day this psycological operation (we’ll use psyop from now on) can go down as one of the most successful […]

Alien Files 4

Going by language alone we can establish the term “alien” (our conscious, perception of the term) is merely a term of fiction. Now, we can move on to what is perhaps the largest “ufo” mystery of all time (I use the term mystery…very loosely) from a Western perspective. I say Western because I am informed […]

Alien Files 3

In the last post I made I posited what I consider the term “alien” to mean. The word alien is merely a term which is attached to one of our human emotions which is “fear”. This is important as it forms the basis of my arguments moving forward. What does the word “alien” actually mean […]

Alien Files 2

Up until the pandemic of 2020 if someone had asked me if I believed in the phenomenon of aliens and ufo’s I would have said yes. At this moment in time my position has not changed but my outlook is different. If we are led by the scientists, physicists, cosmologists and any other “ist” you […]