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ufo Disclosure Document

Well, June 1st 2021 came and went, a date in ufology that was meant to herald a meeting of minds between government and the people.  Needless to say (like in the case with most subjects in the ufology world) there was no meeting of minds, no report came, no announcements…..nothing.  I hear the report has been pushed back to the 24th June, 15th June etc etc etc.  60 minutes put out a show where we had various pilots attest to being unable to identify technology which they had encountered on various missions they had undertaken.

Grainy radar videos and amateur videography aside testimony alone is not evidence, regardless of who it comes from.  This is very important, some people are able to provide spectacular and compelling testimony.  Regardless of the intent of said testimony whether malicious or fanciful, testimony is just a communication of what someone considers to be truth.  That truth, however, is always flawed, we base our version of reality and truth on the sum of our individual lived experience.

If I choose to make it my reality that I am a secret government employee, or a black budget fighter pilot, classified above top secret I can do so.    Right from the outset everything else is off the table.  There won’t be any records of my employment or any witnesses of any kind because it wouldn’t be very top secret if there was.  Sound familiar… Bob Lazar fans take note.  So we are left with my testimony, if I can tell a great story that is consistent, compelling, detailed, accurate and full of mystery, there is a very good chance you are more likely to believe my story, especially if the story is conspiratorial in nature.


From years of research into the topic of UFO’s and Aliens there is not many in the field of ufology who seek to ask the big questions.  These questions are not what you might think.  The questions noted below are largely irrelevant where this subject is concerned:

  • Are aliens real?
  • Where do they come from?
  • How do they get here?
  • What do the aliens look like?
  • Is there more than one kind of alien? How many types of aliens are there?
  • Do governments have secret alien technology in their possession?

The list above could go on and on and on but these are not the kinds of questions people should be asking.

For anyone interested in this topic they should be asking WHY? 

Why is this topic of such importance and how would truth impact reality and the future of the human race?

I would argue this topic lies at the very heart of what it means to be a human being.  Existentialism is a form of philosophy which seeks to provide answers to the questions of human existence, what gives us meaning and purpose?

Report or no report, lets say the stories are correct and extra terrestrials have done and do visit our planet.  Specially selected government officials are aware of this yet conceal this truth from the vast majority of people on the earth.  When it becomes inevitable the truth can no longer kept from the people a worldwide announcement is made that we are not alone in the universe.  Several extra terrestrial races visit us here on this planet all of which are peaceful and benign.  Sharing of knowledge and technology has been ongoing for a number of years and now is the time for the human race to be given a choice.  Change will not be something that is forced upon the human race.  For those humans who choose to do so freely, an opportunity of utopia is placed on the table.  A life not bound by the constraints of the human condition is what is offered.

For those who choose the utopian option the mysteries of the universe are unlocked, trivial human matters no longer apply, getting up to got to a job, to earn money to pay for food, shelter and consumer goods.  No longer are you constrained by a system of slavery and control.  You are no longer a donkey who follows the carrot wherever that carrot will go.  What lies beyond the matrix of human control remains a mystery.  One can only assume, from an existential point of view, the purpose and meaning of human existence (if such a purpose and meaning exist) is not to merely be an object of control.  Then again, we cannot rule out, that we as humans define our reality based on the systems of control which we create and perpetuate.  Perhaps bondage is our purpose and meaning is derived from control.  Accordingly, we should be grateful to ourselves for allowing us to have the lives which we live.  In writing this article the themes contained within the film The Matrix just got even more interesting.


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