Alien Files 7

It’s a bird, it’s a plane….no it’s a flying saucer from another galaxy…

Such is the power of propaganda and how it seeps into the subconscious mind.  Through the mass media, Hollywood and now through the power of social platforms the UFO and Alien fable is reaching more and more people.  Apparently sightings of UFO’s are up considerably, although what metric is used to measure this is unclear.  What you’ll find with a lot of UFO enthusiasts is that anything that looks out of the ordinary or can’t be explained quickly is some kind of craft piloted by something or someone not of this planet.  This is entirely understandable of course because of the social programming we are exposed to.  No doubt there are lots of reasons why people choose to believe in the fable but it is important to consider this story is born out of human perception and consciousness.  So if it isn’t craft operated by something or someone from another planet what is it that people are seeing in the skies and why are sightings apparently on the rise?

The UFO community or “believers” always seem to purport that we are on the edge of a global government conspiracy collapsing and the “truth” finally being released to us the unworthy.  This is a clever (although, not new) way to sell or tell a story.  Ever heard the expression “on the edge of your seat”?  Such tactics are employed in large swathes of story telling.  A story (or stories) build up to a certain point, where anticipation of outcome grips the person being entertained.  Just at the point the pay off might happen, some new event comes along and the story resets or distracts and the cycle begins again.  This is how you keep an audience on the edge of their seat.

With the current global pandemic people are spending a lot more time at home and a lot more time on social media platforms, this is the reason why “sightings” are up, not some supposed great reveal of the “truth“.  If you are looking for truth try reading some philosophy.

So what is being viewed in the skies with people having so much time on their hands these days?  Most of the time people will not be seeing anything.  I’d hazard a guess that a lot of so called sightings are the work of computer based special effects.  Anyone who has spent a bit of time using Adobe’s Premiere Pro or After Effects could easily knock up a “light in the sky effect” less professional software can also achieve very convincing effects.  As a conservative estimate I’d say 75% of videos are simply just people messing around for clout and followers.

The other 25% will be made up of natural phenomena (weather, birds etc), experimental aircraft (made by humans), drones, satellites (Space-X) and tricks of light.

If…..and that’s a big IF… there is some global, government conspiracy to keep some kind of hidden truth from us, what is that truth?   Herein lies the issue with conspiracy theories, one big conspiracy then leads to another conspiracy theory then another, then another….you get the point.  Before you know it you lose sight of the original conspiracy theory.

You will hear lots of reasons why global governments might want to conspire to keep the UFO/Alien secret under wraps.

  • The general public wouldn’t be able to handle the information sending the world into a global state of anarchy and chaos. 
  • Societal structures and instruments of control i.e. economies and religions would immediately collapse.
  • The “elites” are secretly using UFO/Alien technology to benefit themselves and exert dominance over the human race.
  • The military (American, Russian, Chinese) are trying to back engineer Alien technology to become the world’s dominant superpower (we all know how that panned out with nuclear weapons).

This is not an exhaustive list by any means these are just some of the examples of arguments that people use to give this conspiracy theory more credibility.  In truth, such arguments do the exact opposite.


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