Alien Files 5

We have established the alien / ufo phenomenon was something which seeped into modern Western human consciousness and culture back in 1947 as part of a psycological / propaganda operation perpetrated by the USA.

To this day this psycological operation (we’ll use psyop from now on) can go down as one of the most successful psyop’s the world has ever seen. In fact, I’d argue it is the number one psyop of modern times.

Roswell is the epicentre of a massive interwoven and connected piece of fiction which is truly impressive, second only to the Bible.

The important thing to remember though folks is the phenomenon is merely a story.

What began as a psyop has grown exponentially to what we know today, thanks to the explosion and success of social media, we now have a multi-billion dollar industry spawning many different forms of media. Movies, books/novels, merchandise of all kinds, youtube channels and anything else you can think of.

Before all you haters and “believers” come looking for a fight I am not looking to be convinced or cajoled into entering a belief system. There is no belief or faith where this subject is concerned. Provide me with cold hard evidence not hearsay, grainy video or testimony.

To clarify, I am certain (if our understanding of the universe is correct) the universe is full of life and other lifeforms and civilisations do exist. The numbers do not lie. However, it is my position that our entire understanding of these civilisations and lifeforms has become polluted by the nonsense which has been bestowed upon us since all this began in 1947 beginning with Roswell.

I will state I am not a hater of nonsense, in fact, the ufo / alien phenonmenon is fun. Who doesn’t love Star Wars, Star Trek or Guardians of The Galaxy. Don’t take this stuff seriously though and don’t believe all this conspiracy shit that “alien craft” have been recovered and are secretly being back engineered.

Up next… your brain and do not get sucked into conspiracy theories…….

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