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Going by language alone we can establish the term “alien” (our conscious, perception of the term) is merely a term of fiction. Now, we can move on to what is perhaps the largest “ufo” mystery of all time (I use the term mystery…very loosely) from a Western perspective. I say Western because I am informed by Western culture.

Anyone who has a knowledge of ufo’s will have an understanding of the Roswell Incident which occurred back in July 1947. For anyone reading this, the long and short of the story is that an alien ufo (or ufo’s) crash landed near Roswell in the USA and there was a subsequent conspiracy to cover up the crash. The key takeaway here is the Roswell story is merely that, a story. There is no evidence which exists which confirms any alien spacecraft crash landed at Roswell in 1947. I challenge anyone to provide actual physical, tangible evidence that spacecraft from another world were recovered.

Using our old friend Occam’s Razor as a baseline again i.e. the simplest explanation is usually the right one, we can understand a little more about the story of Roswell.

Back when WWII finished a shaky alliance which had been formed between the USA and Western powers quickly deteriorated. What filled the vacuum after the alliance broke down was a period in history known as the Cold War. The cold war arrived shortly after the events of WWII and was a product of competing nuclear weapon proliferation and opposing ideologies.

From wikipedia –

Aside from the nuclear arsenal development and conventional military deployment, the struggle for dominance was expressed via indirect means such as psychological warfare, propaganda campaigns, espionage, far-reaching embargoes, rivalry at sports events and technological competitions such as the Space Race.

When did the Cold War begin? 1947

When did the Roswell Incident happen? 1947

“the struggle for dominance was expressed via indirect means such as psychological warfare, propaganda campaigns

Using the Occam’s Razor principle where the simplest explanation is usually the right one, what is the most simplest explantion where the Roswell Incident is conerned?

A spacecraft (or spacecrafts) from another planet, galaxy or dimension arrived here on earth and just happened to crash near a small town in America (the statistical probabilty of this happening when the world is covered by 71% of water…mmmm lets think, millions to one..more).

Or was the story concocted as part of the psychological warfare and propaganda campaigns which both sides used against each other?

Both sides were at the beginning of a technological arms race back in 1947, what better than to get one over on your competitor by sowing the seed that you had recovered other worldly technology.

I posit the Roswell Incident was merely just a small part of the psycological and propaganda campaigns carefully crafted by America. This is the most simplest explanation.

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