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In the last post I made I posited what I consider the term “alien” to mean. The word alien is merely a term which is attached to one of our human emotions which is “fear”. This is important as it forms the basis of my arguments moving forward.

What does the word “alien” actually mean ?

unfamiliar and disturbing or distasteful.
“principles that are alien to them”


a hypothetical or fictional being from another world.
“she discovers that the alien’s spaceship has crashed”

Thanks to our evolution of language and the visual representations we are subjected to by Hollywood. It is fair to say that when we think of aliens we think of little green men from Mars, acid spewing chest bursting entities and small grey beings with big black eyes who have a thing for kidnapping and anal probing.

The same can be said for the term “ufo”. Without thinking about it too much your mind automatically conjours up a shiny disc shaped object maybe on a couple of levels, port holes for windows. Alternatively, its lights in the sky maybe moving fast or slow or moving in formation doing manouvers that seem to defy our fundamental understanding of aerodynamics and physics.

Stop for a minute and ask yourself why you associate the terms “alien” and “ufo” with the human emotion of fear.

If we once again consider the principle of Occam’s Razor where the simple explanation is normally the right one. Is it likely we are being visited by advanced civilisations from distant planets and galaxies who arrive in shiny “space ships” (space ship – again another made up term) for these beings to do the odd fly over for our viewing pleasure and then disappear?


Is there a more simple reason for this so called phenomena?

Remember the definition of the word alien….a hypothetical or fictional being.

The keywords here are hypothetical and fictional. Where do we normally encounter fictional beings or people. In works of FICTION.

Definition of fiction:

literature in the form of prose, especially novels, that describes imaginary events and people.

The truth is in front of you, only you can make the choice to accept the truth.

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