Alien Files 2

Up until the pandemic of 2020 if someone had asked me if I believed in the phenomenon of aliens and ufo’s I would have said yes. At this moment in time my position has not changed but my outlook is different. If we are led by the scientists, physicists, cosmologists and any other “ist” you want to throw in there, we have our place in something which is called “the universe”. It has been decided by those who know better that we live on a planet which forms part of a “solar system”. Contained within our solar system there are a few other planets. According to NASA:

“Our solar system is just one specific planetary system—a star with planets orbiting around it. Our planetary system is the only one officially called “solar system,” but astronomers have discovered more than 2,500 other stars with planets orbiting them in our galaxy. That’s just how many we’ve found so far. There are likely to be many more planetary systems out there waiting to be discovered!

Our Sun is just one of about 200 billion stars in our galaxy. That gives scientists plenty of places to hunt for exoplanets, or planets outside our solar system. But our capabilities have only recently progressed to the point where astronomers can actually find such planets.”

Based on the information we are given by the ist’s there are hundreds of billions of stars within our Milky Way galaxy. Within this cluster of 200 billion stars it is estimated there may be 11 billion planets which orbit a source of energy like our sun. For further information click here.

From my further research and from the various sources I have looked at numbers are all over the place in terms of estimated planets which are habitable (when I say habitable, this is habitation based on what we as humans consider habitable). It is clear, however, we know nothing of the anatomical make up of an alien entity, therefore we as humans can make zero assumptions of what is habitable or not habitable for another form of life.

Based on a very conservative probability calculation, lets say within our Milky Way there are 1 million other forms of life, with 500,000 of those life forms being intelligent or what we would recognise or consider as being intelligent. We now have to take into account time (or what we understand to be time). According to Nasa the oldest planet which we know of (in the Milky Way) is 13 billion years old, whereas the earth is 4.5 billion years old. If we take this as gospel there are potentially civilisations which exist which have literally billions of years on us in terms of evolution. One would assume a civilisation (which has managed to survive) would be so far advanced we would be unable to comprehend their understanding and knowledge of this universe.

Now, take this information and consider all of this relates to our place in the Milky Way Galaxy. How many galaxies exist in the universe?

At the latest estimate there is approximately 200 billion galaxies in the known universe. Lets just assume that human life is the only “intelligent” life in our galaxy. Say we are the lucky ones. If this fluke were to only happen once in the vastness of the other estimated 200 billion galaxies then out there in the expanse of the universe, there are at the very least 200 billion other forms of intelligent life all at different levels of evolution.

Do I believe in aliens, unfortunately I do not believe there are aliens, if we take all the information which we believe to be truth there is without any shadow of a doubt other forms of intelligent life exist within the universe.

The term alien is merely a human construct and a derogatory one at that. With everything we associate the term to represent, how dare we associate that term with our cosmic companions.

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