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Lets talk aliens and UFO’s and try to get to the bottom of what is undoubtably a curious, cultural phenomenon. For anyone who takes an interest in this phenomenon, on the surface, if you consume enough information on this topic it becomes clear something is afoot. That “something” is slippery however, very quickly especially in this data and information driven age, we can become embroiled in something which we do not fully understand. A quick search on youtube, Amazon and Netflix and you will find hundreds or even thousands of hours of content related to aliens and ufo’s. All primed and ready to be consumed. As time goes on this content becomes more and more professional, more polished and seemingly more convincing. Holywood and the film industry also do a great job in perpetuating this cultural behemoth. There is no doubt the subject is intoxicating, exciting, fantastical and alluring. For anyone who is familiar with the Joe Rogan podcast (if you are not, get out from under your rock) Joe says he wants to be a believer but can’t fully commit to believing in the phenomenon. I allude that Joe subconsciously knows himself the whole subject is fishy.

If we go back to a pre-internet and pre-social media age the ufo and alien subject was reserved for the tabloid media and for those who adorned hats made from tin foil. Conversations occurred (and still do) in the company of friends after consumption of alchohol or a good blunt (or both) about the possibility of aliens, life and the universe.

To lay out my position on this subject I believe it is important to use the principle of Occam’s Razor. For anyone not familiar with Occam’s Razor it simply means “the simplest explanation is usually the right one.”

Having consumed many hours of content in written and video form, I am not here to preach what you should or shouldn’t believe but make up your own mind, do your own research. If you are interested in finding out where the toxic android stands on this subject please keep reading.

Nanu Nanu

Nanu Nanu, Mork and Mindy.

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